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Basketball Wives L.A British Says She’s Embarrassed By Her Behavior…


Basketball Wives L.A star British says she’s really regretting her behavior now that she had the chance to watch the episode over. British stated on her blog:

“Well . . . Tonight was a very interesting episode, if I must say so myself. I was embarrassed by the way I behaved last episode. I didn’t even want to discuss it. But sometimes we all have bad days that we aren’t proud, so it’s time to let go and move on.”

She also stated:

“In other scenes, I see I am the topic of discussion tonight: Aunty D (Draya), Brandi and Malyashia. I was amazed that Aunty D had the nerve to give me advice about how to be mature and last episode she expressed that she had just started wearing underwear??? MMMMMM . . . And why does she care if I hang out with Jackie??! Everyone in the group is AT LEAST 6+ years older than me. And we all know Jackie isn’t 50. . . Stop it.

Chantel drops some crazzzzyyyyyyy info on Jackie. And she was left with the decision if she should tell her dear friend or not. This should be interesting.

I really enjoyed Lorenzo and Doug’s heart to heart about relationships and being married. I think Lorenzo looks at Doug as a positive role model who gives good advice. The funniest part of this episode had to be Jackie and I talking about role playing!! I look like a clueless kid. I didn’t expect her to ask that. That dinner was so much fun and it shows that marriages really do last with communication and just pure love.

Sundy’s face when Jackie tells her about the love triangle is hilarious and jaw dropping for lack of a better phrase! But we see how the tell-all luncheon goes….no words really need to be said for that bomb that Jackie drops. . . Lets just see what happens next . . . Until next time . . .”

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