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Mimi Faust To Leak S*x Tape With Nikkio


Word on the gossip block is that Mimi Faust has gotten desperate for the fame to come back to her that her and Nikkio are planning to leak their sex tape. Fameolous.com cannot confirm rather the tape is made already but we confirm that it’s in the talks with adult companies.

Via FunkyDineva reports:

About 2 weeks ago, Mimi Faust enlisted the help of a media coach to provide her with media training in an effort to get ahead of this sex tape scandal that is about to rock Love & Hip Hop.

For those of you in the dark, as I was, pictures have surface online of Nikko and who appears to be Mimi Faust doing the nasty. The boobs on the woman in the pictures look store bought, and the tattoos align, so we are more than confident it is Mimi. We are also confident that this tape did no mysteriously leak, but that Mimi & Nikko most likely orchestrated this stunt to stay current. It’s worked for everyone else, hell why not?

When your storyline is fading and the love has lost its shine, what else is there to do but produce a sex tape? Well get in the gym and make sure your body is super tight, go to the surgeon and get some top shelf titties, then produce a sex tape. That’s what Mimi and Nikko did. Hell, quiet as its kept, I ain’t even mad with them. This reality tv money is some of the quickest and easiest money there is to get these days. Everyone is trying to get it while the getting is good. What I can respect about Mimi & company as that they were smart enough to orchestrate the entire plan from start to finish.

Source Bossip.com

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