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Tara Wallace Says Amina Was Dating Another Man While Filming Love And Hip Hop New York


Fameolous.com and Celebrity Gossip 101 spoke with Tara Wallace to get the details about her relationship with Peter Gunz last week…Tara was all to kind to give up the real scoop behind the madness this season of Love and Hip Hop New York. Tara had some pretty good details that shock us, she says Amina was not with Peter Gunz when the season started…Maybe the baby not his as some sources have reported.

Here’s a recap:

On you guys relationship before taping of Love and Hip Hop

“Before the show, we were functioning as a family,” explained the reality star. “We definitely had our issues; it was definitely things that I was fussing about, but nowhere near us not being together. Whatever the issues were, I kinda thought he was going through something, and that I needed to back off sometimes, or maybe I was being too hard on him, so we weren’t in the best of places, but I had no idea the severity of where we were.” She went on to say that when filming for “Love & Hip Hop” first began, Amina was in a relationship with someone else. “As far as I knew [Amina was in a relationship with someone else when they began filming], and they were still kind of going back-and-forth,” Tara continued. “So that’s kinda the place I was in my head, which is even why when we talk on Instagram, and people go ‘well why didn’t you see those pictures?’ Because as far as I knew, she was still going back-and-forth in her relationship, and her and Peter had just become friends. Now when I saw the pictures, of course I began to question, and I’m like that doesn’t make sense. I ‘m like, wait a minute – what’s going on here?” Whether it was done for TV purposes or not, unfortunately, there are children stuck in the middle of the messy love triangle that Peter created. But so far, it looks like they’ve been shielded from the drama, as they aren’t even aware that their parents are no longer together. “Our children don’t know exactly what’s going on,” said Tara. “Our children don’t understand that we’re going through a breakup, so I do bite a bit of the humble pie for the sake of our kids so that we don’t disturb the functionality of the household. But I’m moving to another apartment in the next couple of weeks, and we will not obviously be moving together, so they will know at some point. Very soon I will have to tackle and address this issue with my boys.”

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